A very inconsistent diary log


Got back into coding again! It's been a pretty chill few weeks since I last checked in. I've had a couple of interpersonal conflicts, but with nobody i know irl, so that's a relief. It's not like I don't care about my online friends, because I definitely do, but I definitely value my IRL friends more. It's hard not to, when i get to see them in person so often, and when i've been so close to them for years. They've seen me laugh and cry and throw up, and that's a bond I can't take back. It's the same way with how dating IRL and online is wayyyy different. Online relationships can be great! they just aren't the same as IRL, but this means they present their own challenges & rewards.

Still, despite any conflict, i've been enjoying my summer. Watching lots of Frasier and playing a lot of project sekai- speaking of which, I think i'll start on that shrine soon!

In regards to coding again, I've been working on a resources site, like one only to store images and such, as well as possibly other helpful sites? I know a lot of people on neocities may incorporate this into their personal sites, but i tend to find it easier to navigate and understand when it's on it's own. Speaking of which, I can't help but really really want to work on an An & Kohane shrine!! I'm super excited that my passion for coding has come pack, it's like a whole new world to express myself.


I only have 5 more school days, I get to stop going on the 18th... But I am so, so tired. Not only of working on stuff, but physically... I mostly have to finish this english project and take a couple TEKs tests, but after that i've exempted all of my finals. Wait I just remembered that I need to present my forensics project so that too -_-


Ok soooo yesterday I saw a movie called "Everything Everywhere All At Once" which I will be abbreviating from this point on as "eeaao". Anyways it was SO good it was an easy 5/5 like honestly one of my top favorite movies now I cried like 5 times no joke. Like full on tears and snot. But that was yesterday! Today I took my AP english 4 test and it was uhm. Interesting! I feel ok about it. It was mostly easy or alright, but there were some hard parts. I think I did okay, and i'm really really hoping that I did.


My very first diary entry.... will probably not update again for a while. Anyways! I got motivation to work on this site again, isnt that cool? I have my english 4 AP test tomorrow, which im not looking forward to -_-... But! Hopefully the motivation will stay!