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Jolyne's Online Home!


Hi!! Please pardon how unpolished or boring this site looks, I'm still learning! I started to code on and off in mid-late January 2021, and this is largely a hobby for me. However, I'm always interested in learning more. This site will forever be ever-changing, so please be paitient!!.

this site is getting a massive overhaul!! please pardon the clutter!

This site is made on google chrome and a 1920x1080 screen, so apologies if it does not look good on yours!

other stuff I have

GF shrine



4/29/23 Moved some pages to archives, including pages I don't feel fit the theme of the site i'd like to go for with the new rehaul. Internal format changes added to make code more readable for the webmaster as well. Currently experimenting with css style sheets more as well. Added a little kitty who follows your mouse! Her name is Purring, just like my site!

4/24/23 MAJOR site format rehaul!!

7/26/23 FINALLY added a shrine for my girlfriend! I'll have to get to adding an overall shrine page soon, but for now, a direct link will be on my page!

7/27/23 Fixed a few things on the shrine for my gf that was bugging me and added a music player!

to do

figure out iframes in order to make a cute sidebar & header

play with formatting more

add shrines for an shiraishi and cinnamoroll

add a page for sites I take insp from?